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Withdrawal Money

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Transfer Money To Your Bank Account


Please Note: There are some charges to transfer your fund direct into your banck account.

Conditions Charges
15000 & Below Straight 10% of your transfer amount
Above 15000 to 30000 5.49% of your transfer amount
Above 30000 to 60000 2.99% of your transfer amount
Above 60000 Only 0.99% of your transfer amount

Note: We will deduct charges in your dhan-laxmi account. So please put some extra money into your dhan-laxmi account.

Example: If you withdrawal 1000 rupees. The charges will be 100 rupees of 1000 rupees. So you have to put or maintain 100 rupees extra in your dhan-laxmi account.

Your dhan-laxmi balance must have withdrawal + charges amount to withdrawal money properly. Otherwise it goes to reject.

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